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Carver C.A.A.'s Housing Program was created to meet the need for affordable housing in Knox County. A key component of the Housing Program was the creation and development of the Community Reinvestment Act Committee. This committee comprised of
local and financial institutions, JTPA, Knox County Board of Realtors, and the City of Galesburg, set goals of meeting the immediate and long term housing needs of Knox County citizens. Initially, the Committee raised funds to secure a six unit transitional shelter for Carver C.A.A. The second phase of the committee's work involves the establishment of an Education Program designed to assist low income ownership for low income families. That is the prime motivating factor for the Carver C.A.A. Housing Program. Our mission for this program is basic, but complex indeed. We intend to acquire, rehabilitate, create and market housing for rent and ownership to low income and moderate income families.